REWORDS2021 supplemental material

Below are links to material related to the REWORDS 2021 keynote.

Keynote address:

Lack Of a File System (LOFS) description:

Leigh Orf’s GitHub pages:

Article describing 30 meter violent tornado simulation:
Orf, L., R. Wilhelmson, B. Lee, C. Finley, and A. Houston, 2017: Evolution of a Long-Track Violent Tornado within a Simulated Supercell. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 98, 45–68.

Wired Magazine article about our first tornadic supercomputer simulations:
Hargrove, B., 2017: Into the Vortex: Megacomputers and the Quest to Understand Superstorms. Wired, November 1.

Article describing 10 meter violent tornado simulation:
Orf, L., 2019: A Violently Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorm Simulation Spanning a Quarter-Trillion Grid Volumes: Computational Challenges, I/O Framework, and Visualizations of Tornadogenesis. Atmosphere (10) 578.

Overview of our recent Frontera supercomputing research: Orf, L., 2021: Modeling the World’s Most Violent Thunderstorms. Computing in Science & Engineering, 23, 14–24.

“Supercomputers and Supercells” produced for the Computer Museum of America in 2021 by Leigh Orf

Sep 10, 2021 issue of Science, featuring recent work

Article describing how above anvil cirrus plumes (AACPs) are formed by a hydraulic jump in supercomputer simulations:
O’Neill, M. E., L. Orf, G. M. Heymsfield, and K. Halbert, 2021: Hydraulic jump dynamics above supercell thunderstorms. Science, 373, 1248–1251.

Video produced by Science Magazine regarding the 2021 paper “Hydraulic jump dynamics above supercell thunderstorms”