This is a collection of videos and links to material that is designed for the general public / students, as opposed to my scientific presentations to meteorology researchers.

Storm chaser extraordinaire Hank Schyma (“Pecos Hank”) and I have done two documentary-style videos where we discuss my latest research and compare some of Hank’s own video observations of supercells and tornadoes to some of my own simulations:

This video narrated by Leigh describes aspects of a CM1 tornadic supercell simulation, which was run within the environment of the May 24, 2011 El Reno, OK long-track EF5 supercell.

The University of Wisconsin wrote a press release / article on my initial tornado simulation. It includes a video of my simulation, and an interview with me about the research: A scientist and a supercomputer re-create a tornado

NCSA and the Advanced Visualization Laboratory, in an NSF sponsored project called CADENS (The Centrality of Advanced Digitally ENabled Science) produced a 30 minute documentary along with a “behind the science” interview with me on my team’s research:

I was on “Wx Geeks” hosted by Dr. Marshall Shepard of The Weather Channel:

My 2019 presentation at Madison College Dark Skies Severe Weather Seminar, aimed at storm enthusiasts and storm spotters: